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Depression Online Test 

Depression is an emotional disorder in which patients experience persistent low mood and loss of interest in things. In severe cases, patients may even have suicidal thoughts. The Patient Health Questionnaire (The Patient Health Questionnaire - 9) is a valid assessment tool for assessing the risk of developing depression. There are a total of 9 questions in the questionnaire, please choose the most suitable answer according to your situation in the past two weeks.  

In the past 2 weeks, how often have you been troubled by the following problems?  
1. 做事時提不起勁或沒有興趣

2. 感到心情低落、沮喪或者絕望

3. 入睡困難,半夜會醒或相反地睡眠時間過多

4. 感覺疲倦或沒有活力

5. 胃口極差或進食過多量

6. 不喜歡自己,覺得自己做得不好、對自己失望或有負家人期望

7. 難於集中精神做事,例如看報紙或看電視。

8. 其他人反映你行動或說話遲緩;或者相反地,你比平常活動更多,坐立不安,停不下來。

9. 想到傷害自己或有輕生念頭。
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This questionnaire is for reference only and is not a substitute for a comprehensive assessment by a healthcare professional. If you need professional assistance, please contact our staff.


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